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Trailed straw blower

Straw blowers are designed to mechanize work of organization of bedding for cattle in stalls, by means of chopping of baled of loose straw and blowing it onto the floor for cattle. High quality deep bedding prepared by trailed and mounted straw blowers provides for clear and healthy animal husbandry that influence quality of milk and meat.

Straw blowers are manufactured in the following modifications:

  • Trailed straw blower model RVS-1500 “Hozain”, RVS-1500D “Hozain” with bunker volume 2,5 qbm. These models can be used both for bedding preparation for cattle and poultry farms.
  • Trailed straw blower RVS-2500 “Hozain” with bunker volume 10 qbm and two shredding drums.
  • Mounted straw blower is installed on TMR mixers «Hozain» models ISRK-12 and ISRK-12G.