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Technical process

«Zapagromash» Ltd. And «Intensive Technologies» Ltd. Manufacture machines according to combination of the technology of leading European manufacturers and correspondence to local conditions of use.

Material and technical supply of the company is based on efficient combination of purchasing of high quality European components, and parts of local production, that provide for considerable affordability at the same technical parameters. The ratio of components made in Belarus/Russia in products cost makes about 70%, 50% of this share are components of own production.

Manufacturing process includes marketing, research and development, industrial design, metal cutting, bending, welding, assembling, painting, setting and production of components, carrying key know-how, testing. Both manufacturing areas in Minsk and Smolensk are equipped with modern efficient equipment – plasma cut units, bending press brake units, welding equipment, painting cameras with section for surface treatment by metallic balls, vertical drills, stamping presses, milling units, testing units.

Production area in Republic of Belarus is located on 6 000 sqm of covered area, 500 sqm office building. Production area in Russian Federation occupies 6 000 sqm, office building covers 100 sqm. All areas are located in industrial districts with convenient transport access. Areas are used on a leasehold basis.