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Mixers with verticfal augers

   «Zapagromash» Ltd. and «Intensive Technologies» Ltd. manufacture TMR mixers with horizontal and vertical positions of augers, straw blowers for cattle bedding, manure spreaders and agricultural dumpers, known under «Hozain» trade mark.
  TMR mixers «Hozain» are used for realization of feeding process of cattle by Total feed Mixed Ration (TMR). This machine became universal technological means in feed processing due to combination of loading and transportation, milling and mixing, weighing and dosed distribution of multi-component mashes (herbage, silage, loose an pressed hey, straw, combined feed, root crop, liquid feed supplements).
   The advantages of feeding by TMR are in better feed digestion as it's reached optimal balance of fermentative carbohydrates and cellulose, in bigger value of rough feed intake that increases the content of protein in milk and decreases animal’s morbidity, in productivity increase of meat and milk cattle population.

High durability of TMR mixers «Hozain» is reached by using key components produced by leading European manufacturers. Most of wearing-out parts are produced ourselves that provides for short delivery time. The design of «Hozain» is being constantly improved on the basis of the information from end users.

Key components are gearbox, hydraulic valve distributor control system, hydraulic motor and pump, electronic weighing system with recipes memory, bearings. These parts secure continuous operation of TMR mixer up to 10 years.

   TMR mixers «Hozain» with vertical augers are manufactured in the following modifications:
  • SRK-6V till SRK-11V «Hozain» with one vertical auger and tank volumes of 6-11 qbm.
  • SRK-14V till SRK-21V «Hozain» with two vertical augers and tank volumes of 14-21 qbm